The Ethnic Tour

Summarizes all the minorities’ traces in the local history, the diverse people that inhabited this town, their cultural heritage, the stories of some great merchants’ families that lived here once, their marvellous architectural legacy consisting in monuments and splendid houses in the eclectic or neoclassical style and not only.

Along history, Brăila was a cosmopolitan city, a commercial one, especially a port, where hundreds of ships could be seen sailing under international flags as far away as the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and further, over the Atlantic Ocean, if we think of Mihalis Embiricos, the rich Greek ship owner. The people used to live peacefully in different ethnic quarters, having various traditions, religions and trades, sharing their neighborhood, lives and passions and joyfully singing their stories or dramas;

Thus, this guided tour will bring a whole palimpsest city in front of your eyes, at a glance, together with the huge cultural and social impact of the minorities over its development through time.

BRĂILA City Guide

The Old City Guided Tour

This guided tour focuses on the most important geographical, historical and cultural features of the town; stories, historical facts, legends and cultural personalities will be revealed along the walking route; this tour is intended as a general presentation of the city.

This is your chance to get to know the city as it is right now and even as it was in the past – it is all in front of your eyes and up to your imagination.  I’ll be delighted to guide your steps along the narrow streets, to tell you about the medieval underground tunnels of Brăila, the historical Ottoman legacy, about the Greek Church of the town, the mosque which was turned into the Orthodox Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel in 1831, the monumental central clock, located in the very middle of Traian Square, designed in the baroque style, still the symbol of the age we live in. The fabulous “Maria Filotti” Theatre, built in the 19th century, tells of the inhabitants’ love for culture and drama. You can take great pictures in case you would like to walk down the streets, along the bank of the Danube, through the Public Garden of the city, or down the former Royal Street.

BRĂILA City Guide

The Greek Heritage

The greek heritage highlights the history of the former greek merchants and shipowners and the hellenic contribution to the economical and cultural life of the city of Braila. The tour also reveals details and stories about The Rich Greek Neighborhood, about the first pharmacists in town, about sailors and about the courage and the tenacity of many remarkable influent greek personalities into our city. The story of one of the most impressive church, from an architectural point of view (The Bunavestire Church) will be carefully described during the tour.