Natural Park Small Wetland of Brăila

The Natural Park Small Wetland of Brăila was declared an international protected area (Ramsar site) in 2001. It lies in the Danube floodplains (the Danube being the second longest river in Europe after the Volga), between the Great Brăila Island and Northern Bărăgan and consists of a wetland area located in the Bărăgan steppe bioregion. The Park extends over the Small Wetland of Brăila, which encompasses sites of community importance and special protection areas. This protected area is approximately 60 km long and 20 km wide and its surface is 207 sq km. From the hydrological point of view, it stands as an ultimate natural floodplain, having geomorphologically originated 11.000 years ago. The Small Wetland of Brăila includes 7 smaller islets as well as 52 lakes, the latter being the habitat of a large biodiversity. There are specialists who claim that this region has an even bigger importance than the Danube Delta, due to its richness in bird species.

A   passionate tourist might consider the birdwatching, a true experience in this amazing green area. Also you may have the opportunity to get more informations or to visit the Small Wetland of Braila, by boat with some experienced local guides if you ask to the  specific info point  here:

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