To a transient or daydreamer tourist, Braila might seem a dusty and dull city, even ruined here and there. Trams, malls, the unispired architecture of the modern flats, modern squares, all of them do not remind of the former city’s glory and richness. Not at all. But…

To the curious tourist, equally equipped with a smart camera and  a joyful mood of walking, Braila might honestly offer a few hours of guided urban adventure, especially along the Royal Street. In the past, this main street was the most important in the town, many goods being traded here, especially by the Jewish people, many inns and taverns were hosting tired travelers and their carriages, many splendid  buildings   were sheltering hopeless love affairs and many  talented singers and actors were making their first appearance on the famous Royal Street. Restored in 2009, as a historical and architectural monument, The Royal Street still represents the main walking street for the locals.

Let’s Walk this Way together!

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