There are hundreds of reasons to visit Braila and thousands of others, to love the city as it reveals itself in front of the curious tourist’ s eyes. Perhaps it is not the most popular destination, but for sure   it deserves to be put on the world touristic map, as an interesting  and representative one, for the last two centuries. At least, that’s   what  I ‘m joyfully pleading for.

Beeing in the past an ottoman fortress, then a crowded  port, where fabulous  trades were happening, Braila developed  indeed  as a rich, cosmopolite and palimpsest city, whose memories  may be still noticed in the wonderful architecture of the old buildings or in the radial urban streets plan. The city has many stories to share with the tourists and many legends to be told.

Overall,   if you are on your way to Tulcea and to the Danube Delta, or you have an extra half a   day budget when you are still in Bucharest, I invite you, dear tourist, to Walk this Way, just two hours distance, to come and meet the local history. I promise we will stroll together along the streets, finding the one thousand one reason to love my town and why not, to spread the word in your world.

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