Museums are cultural spaces where humanity’s traces and memories are safely treasured for the next generations. They also provide communication opportunities. No matter where you might stroll along the narrow streets of Brăila, do not miss some important museums and memorial houses, such as:

  • The Museum of Brăila “Carol I” – founded by royal decree in August 1881 and currently housed in a gorgeous building which is considered a historical monument itself, formerly “L’Hotel Francais”, owned by Nicoletto Armelin, an extremely rich cereal trader in the 19th century. Eight different exhibition areas display various prehistoric artefacts, sculptures, traditional Romanian ethnic heritage pieces, artillery weapons from the first and the second world wars, family memories from the “Belle Epoque”, famous paintings by well known artists etc.
  • Make sure you do not miss the “Embiricos House”, a real architectural jewel, dating from the beginning of the 20th century, which accommodates the sculpture exhibition of the famous artist Nicăpetre.

In addition to this, you can visit:

  • Petre Ştefănescu Goangă Memorial House – also known as The House of Music. Petre Ștefănescu Goangă was a famous opera singer, a baritone, born in Brăila, in 1902; it is a restored building which nowadays hosts many cultural and artistic events.
  • D. P. Perpessicius Memorial House – D. P. Perpessicius was an important cultural personality born in Brăila, in 1891; he was a Romanian literary historian, critic, poet, essayist and fiction writer.

Panait Istrati Memorial House – it displays a collection of this Romanian working class writer’s private possessions. He wrote in French as well as Romanian and was nicknamed the Maxim Gorki of the Balkans.